Sewn from two halves: a girl found a kitten of amazing colors at a construction site

This is not Photoshop! An unusual two-faced kitten was born from an ordinary stray cat.

When the family started building in the old house they had just moved into, the last thing they expected was to find two tiny kittens in a hole in the wall.

Most likely, the squeak attracted people’s attention.At the time of discovery, the babies were already motherless. They were very small, barely opened their eyes.

The kittens turned out to be absolutely charming: one had a white “mask” on his face, as if he had stuck his nose in a jar of sour cream, and the second was a kitten of amazing colors and colorfulness.

But they were not taken out of hiding and were not touched. After all, two-week-old crumbs needed a mother, her warmth and breast milk. If the kittens are taken away, they will be separated from their mother forever.

And the owners began to wait for the cat to appear. When the sun set, it was impossible to listen to the squeaking of hungry cats. And there was still no mother cat.

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