Who is the best tiny animal? Quokka, no doubt.

You’ve probably seen this smile before, without even knowing what kind of animal it is. The Quokks became Internet stars a few years ago. As a result, overnight a new magnet for tourists.

Who will be able to resist the temptation to take a picture with this superphotogenic clump of hair, even if it takes a long trip.

Unlike kangaroos, Quokka are not afraid of people. They even come out to meet them.

These photogenic animals literally pose for photos, smile and establish close contact.

These animals have a protected status, so people who try to approach them with food or hugs for a photo can easily be fined.

Quokka’s smile is not an invention.They really sincerely smile.

For example, these animals smile even when sleeping or eating.

These animals are not afraid of people. Small fluffy lumps delight tourists when chasing them.

Most quokkas live in their natural habitat, in a small area

And these are the people who should come to them, not the other way around.

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