A very rare four white lions were born in a safari park in China

The Chinese Safari Park recently welcomed its newest and by far the cutest residents. Four white lions were born in the Nantong Forest Safari Park in the Jiangsu region of eastern China. The cubs, which are all males, are perfectly healthy.

The adorable lion cubs were born last November and the park staff will continue to take care of them until they are strong enough to reunite with the rest of the lions that live there.

White lions are extremely rare animals. Their unique white fur is the result of a recessive gene called leucism. Albinism is unlikely. But leucism causes partial loss of pigmentation. However, the eyes, lips, or even claws remain normal.

Unfortunately, these majestic creatures are also endangered.

While it’s hard to predict how many of these magnificent wildcats live in captivity, reports say there are about 300 of them worldwide. So every time a white lion is born, it is a very joyful event!

Despite.that their numbers are significantly decreasing, white lions are not yet recognized as a separate species, so they are not protected by law.

“White lions may be threatened with extinction in the future if their trade is not tightly controlled,” the Global Lion Protection Trust website says.

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