The one-of-a-kind yellow penguin is captured for the first time

This photo has historical significance, as photographer Eve Adams managed to capture an incredible creature! Of course, from a biological point of view, this is a penguin, but where have you seen penguins of bright yellow color, like parrots? Unique, of course!

Science claims that this phenomenon is called leucisme. Although it is very similar to albinism but there are some differences between them and it is much rarer in nature. Scientists have already begun to study this phenomenon of penguins at the beginning of the century, but the problem is that scientists have not yet managed to take at least one normal photo. So this first shot of Adams is a real sensation in history. The frame turned out to be so colorful and detailed.

According to statistics, such an individual can appear with a probability of 1 in 150,000. On the island where the yellow penguin was discovered, Adams’ group counted about 120,000 birds, and among them he was the only one!

The photographer believes that he was incredibly lucky – and just to meet such a specimen, and get close enough to take a good picture.


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