The cat brought mice and lizards to its owner, and he just threw away his “gifts”.

Cats are very amazing animals. They are temperamental, wayward, sensitive, but at the same time kind and caring. Someone may not believe it, but it’s a fact.

Sincerely adoring their owner, cats try to please them with the most delicious things in the world: frogs, mice, lizards, birds. And they wonder why people don’t even want to try such a wonderful treat.

A young man named Ben, like many other cat owners, often woke up to find strangled mice and rats, lizards and birds on the pillow. He was pampered by his pet cat Baloo, who did not want to return home after a night of hunting with empty paws.

At first, the cat was offended that Ben was not satisfied with these gifts at all, and then he began to study the taste of the owner. After going through all the ways to feed a person deliciously, Baloo brought him a leaf from a tree.

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