A homeless three-legged cat brought happiness to people

Boyd Abbott, an elderly man, began feeding this three-legged cat almost ten years ago. In general, he had been taking care of the local stray cats for a long time, but this cat, who was named Babby, went further than others. Literally, because one day Mr. Abbott found him in his own house, in the kitchen.

Babby began to visit the family’s house often. He fawned over everyone in the house, but he especially liked it when Boyd scratched him behind the ear. But the cat did not stay forever, he always left home on his important business.

Boyd Abbott died in 2017. But his daughter continued to put bowls for Babby, she became attached to the cat and believed that this was her close connection with her late father. However, at some point the cat stopped appearing.

The explanation came quickly: a picture of Babby appeared on the page of a local shelter. It turned out that through the efforts of a friend, Boyd Abbott, he made sure that Babby found a permanent family. It all started with the fact that he tried to catch the cat with the help of volunteers, but the animal turned out to be more cunning.


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