The “sad cat” Fasolka has finally met her owner.

Out of millions of animals in shelters, only a few find new owners, and almost always the main reason that they are not taken away is their inappropriate appearance.

Someone from birth is not cute at all, and someone has become sad and unhappy because of a hard life. With a cat named Fasolka, everything happened at once, so the end of her story looks like a miracle.

She’s not sad, she’s always like this

This shorthair cat has been homeless for a long time.

The cat has short legs from birth, kidney and eye problems, she is physically weak and always sad.

Francesca spent her entire childhood surrounded by cats, she loves them and spent almost a year in a rented apartment where it was forbidden to keep animals. Then she moved to a new place and immediately went to a local animal shelter to look for a new pet.

There she saw Fasolka, who was constantly ill for several months, was very sad and unnecessary to anyone. But Francesca decided to take the cat to her and the next day she put on her best blouse and went to meet Fasolka.

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