Seul un génie découvre qui triche lors d’une course à pied en 11 secondes !

A challenging visual test puts your cognitive abilities to the test.

If you want to entertain yourself with a puzzle that stimulates intellectual skills and logical reasoning, you absolutely must solve this enigma.

In the image below, there are three runners participating in a race.

However, one of them is cheating. Are you able to figure it out in just 11 seconds?

Use all your analytical skills to find out who among the three is the only one cheating in the running race.

The trick is that one of them is actually not running. Who is it? Try to answer quickly, and consider yourselves excellent observers.

Only those who pay attention to details and have a good critical spirit will find that particular detail crucial to resolving the test.

You must deploy all your logical abilities to discover who is cheating among the three.

In the image, there are three runners, two men and one woman, engaged in the race.

But one athlete is actually walking within the image. Concentrate and identify that detail that suggests the final solution.

Puzzles and visual challenges like this help the mind activate logical reasoning and stimulate cognitive abilities.

Dedicating a few minutes of your day to this kind of challenge will allow you to gain many daily benefits.

In fact, the brain responds to these games by staying alert and youthful.

It also helps to have good thinking agility.

Have you figured out which athlete is cheating? If you’re curious to find out, we’ll reveal the solution below.

Among the three, the cheating athlete is the man on the right.

The reason is simple: he is the only one not sweating.

Sometimes, small details are crucial to revealing the correct solution

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