A 74-year-old model defies ageism and responds appropriately to criticism.

At 74 years old, Colleen Heidemann is a fabulous fashionista who defies ageism and refuses to conform to a discriminating audience that believes her trendy styles are not «age-appropriate.»

Blessed with an incredible physique that she diligently maintains, Colleen Heidemann is a stunning grandma who started modeling at the age of 68 and graced the cover of Vogue six years later.

Influenced by the «iconic beauty and graceful aura» of timeless beauties like Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor, Heidemann declared that she «rebels» against ageism every day.

A hard truth to admit is that women age so differently from men that with menopause comes the «age of insignificance,» she said in an interview with DSCENE. «I prefer it to be felt and perceived as an ‘age of enlightenment,’ during which we realize all that we still have to learn, feel, think, experience, and, oh yes, laugh. So let’s not despair but keep moving forward, doing, moving, and being alive!»

«I prefer it to be felt and perceived as an ‘Age of Enlightenment,’ during which we realize all that we still have to learn, feel, think, experience, and, oh yes, laugh. So let’s not despair but keep moving forward, doing, moving, and being alive!» The former flight attendant turned model and actress — she appeared in the film «Father of Flies» (2021) and the TV series «Last Looks with Dakota Fanning» (2020) — admits that she hasn’t always had confidence in herself. She said, «I haven’t always been, and I haven’t had the strength to be as positive as I wish and choose to be today. Time, experience, and a sincere desire for change are extremely precious gifts.»

An inspiration to many generations, the Vogue Portugal cover model has nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram and her TikTok page has received 4.1 million likes.

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The media sensation is grabbing the cyber community’s attention with her humble personality paired with bold styles (miniskirts, ripped jeans, high heels) and fashion and beauty tips that remind us beauty knows no age limit.

When asked to describe her style, Mrs. Heidemann responds, «I don’t have a definitive style, as at this stage of my life, I tend to wear clothes I would have never chosen when I was younger. So, I don’t have a stereotyped image of myself, but I prefer a more diverse selection process… I recognize it when I see it, and I usually realize immediately how my body could best carry it.»

In early June, the senior beauty posted a TikTok video with Tina Turner’s «Proud Mary» playing in the background. The viral post, which received 1.4 million likes, shows her makeup being applied, her bright blue eyes, and her red-painted lips. The caption reads, «I never know what face makeup will reveal. And I love the opportunity to challenge new personalities. Thank you, ‘Proud Mary’.»

Fans have been ecstatic with comments like «I love this beautiful lady» and «Have a great day Colleen… you are absolutely gorgeous… grace, elegance, class, and oh what beauty!!..»

Expressing great gratitude, she often responds to fan comments with a «Thank you so much.»

While the majority of fans praise her confidence and beauty, some have judged her bold sense of fashion.

After reading a comment suggesting that her poolside outfit was «inappropriate for her age,» Heidemann responded with a TikTok video, saying, «Temperatures are rising, and I just want to tell you, wear what makes you feel beautiful.» She added that «every body is a swimsuit body.»

A fan commented, «I don’t want to look like that when I’m older, I want to look like that NOW! Stunning!!» Another, who wrote «I love this kind of positivity,» received a response from Heidemann: «Thank you, it’s so important to find something positive in each day.»

In another TikTok video, she is seen walking down the street in an elegant black lace outfit, her white hair tied in a messy yet glamorous bun atop her head. «We are strong. We are not invisible. I dress at my age as I want,» she says in the message, captioned with a powerful message: «Addressing matters of taste, preference, and age is so individual and unique… what makes this world such a wonderfully remarkable, fascinating, and interesting place. The freedom to dress as you like, to be who you are, belongs to you.»

A fan writes, «Queen, I am literally speechless every time I see you here. I hope one day I’ll have as much confidence and self-love,» and Heidemann responds, «That’s a wonderful thing to say, thank you.»

Colleen Heidemann is a true inspiration to generations of women who find their motivation in her confidence and her defiance of age-based discrimination.

We admire her for sharing her message: don’t fear aging, embrace it!

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