The incomparable Monica Bellucci has appeared in a new photoshoot. And here’s how the famous beauty looks now.

Monica Bellucci is not just a famous actress, but a true living anthem to natural feminine beauty. She is a woman who has become a legend! Despite having long crossed the threshold of youth (at 58 years old now), Monica still remains one of the most desirable women in the world.

And today, we can admire one of the actress’s latest shoots for Vanity Fair magazine, where she appeared in quite restrained yet equally alluring looks.

By the way, Monica is still actively involved in filmmaking. Her latest film became the picture «Mama Mafia,» which was released worldwide on April 13, 2023. Monica Bellucci appeared in the May issue of Vanity Fair Italia magazine.

For the shoot, she wore exquisite Dior outfits and Cartier jewelry.

Beauty aside, it’s worth noting that throughout her career, Monica has appeared in more than 60 films! So, it’s safe to say that this woman is generously endowed not only with the appearance of a goddess but also with incredible talent!

The elegant dresses gracefully highlighted the sculpted figure of the 58-year-old actress.

And it seems that no matter what the actress wears, she looks stunning in everything!


In addition to everything else, Monica Bellucci is a profound and whole personality. This is evident from her profound quotes about beauty and simple happiness, which you can read here.

Monica Bellucci, like wine, only gets better with each passing year.

In every movement and gesture, natural beauty and incredible femininity are evident.

There’s no doubt that Monica will continue to delight her fans with not only her beauty but also her talent for many years to come.

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