«I’ve been flying for eight years, but people still think I’m a flight attendant: I’m fed up.»

«Everyone has had a dream since childhood. It’s a vision they want to fulfill when they grow up, but it’s not always possible.

«It’s often a job you would like to do, but it can be a bit challenging. However, there are those who have managed to turn a passion, a desire, into a lifelong vocation. Proof of this is the young woman we’re going to talk about, who has chosen to delve into a topic she loves dearly, in order to explain to people how important it is to put an end to prejudices against individuals.»

«This is the message she wanted to convey, and in doing so, she raised an important question. It often happens that talented women, whether young or older, are not recognized for what they do, simply because prejudices or stereotypes are deeply ingrained in the human mind, and it’s difficult to break free from them.»

«The same goes for very young men and women, who sometimes run the risk of not being taken ‘seriously’ because they are deemed ‘too young’. Instead, we should understand the opposite and give everyone their due, regardless of age, gender, or other variables.»




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