This dad makes his 14-year-old son work and provokes a debate by expressing his pride on social networks

On Twitter, a father posted photos of his 14-year-old son, who works at Burger King. Proud of his boy, he did not expect to cause a real scandal on the web.

On Twitter, Internet users are confronted with many debates and controversies every day, thanks to this social network which allows them to give their opinion on any subject. Recently, a new debate has emerged on the web: should children be made to work from an early age, to teach them to be responsible and to save their money?

This debate started following the publication of Chris Crawford, a father who posted photos of his 14-year-old son. Indeed, the father is very proud of the boy because at 14, he is employed at Burger King . Thanks to this part-time job, he will be able to save money to buy a car when he is old enough to drive.

“Not only does he work every day, including weekends when most kids are enjoying their summer, he leaves early and comes home late whenever he works. He learns to earn his own money, save for a car, be responsible in his decisions and grow into a respectable young man. Couldn’t be more proud of him ,” the dad wrote online.

Although Chris Crawford is proud of his child, many Internet users disagreed. Indeed, the majority of them did not understand the decision of this father, who prefers to encourage his child to work and earn money instead of letting him enjoy his childhood.

Many netizens are afraid that the child will quickly become overworked, become jaded with work in the future, and regret that he could not enjoy his childhood. Finally, many have advised the dad to teach his son moderation.

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