The man bought a house to resell it, but the rain revealed a secret

When you buy a house that has had previous owners, sometimes you can encounter surprises.

An American, named John Reynolds, recently bought a house with the intention of reselling it and making money.

But the man discovered something in the yard and he decided not to sell the habitat.

John revealed this secret, when one day it rained heavily and what was hidden under the trash in the yard came to light.

After the rain, John noticed an open hole in the garbage. So he started picking up all that garbage to find out what was hiding inside.

And it turned out that there was a fairly large pool on the territory of the house.

At first, John Reynolds wanted to sell the house and maybe he wasn’t going to sell it, he didn’t know exactly.

But since he discovered this pool, he couldn’t leave it and decided to live here.

For the restoration, enough money was needed.

But John calculated that building a new pond would cost him more.

So the man took out a loan. After getting the money, he set about fixing the swimming pool.

To finish the job, it took him about a year.

Although, thanks to this pool, the price of the house has increased, John has definitely changed his mind, because he loved swimming.

He was going to live here and swim in his marvelous pool.

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