86-year-old woman sold her house and decided to live on a cruise ship

An 86-year-old American woman lives on a backpacking boat over 12 years ago.

Her name is Lee Wachtstatter. She is a widow who promised her husband before he died to live on a ship.

The woman leads a luxurious life and for this she pays 140,000 euros a year.

To keep her promise, Lee sold her apartment and from the age of 74 she spent her life on a cruise ship.

«Mama Lee» travels around the world as she did before with her husband. On the ship, she has a special cabin.

The boat is called Crystal Serenity and can accommodate 1,070 travelers. Here, there is a performance hall, a garden and shops.

The woman recounts her adventures in a book that she wrote herself and which was published in 2017.

She and her husband traveled a lot by boat and she left her house because before she died her husband asked her to travel all her life by boat.

During their 50-year married life, the couple completed nearly 90 cruises and visited many countries.

And as soon as her husband died, she moved on board.

«My late husband told me not to stop traveling by cruise ship as a sign of the wonderful journeys we’ve had together,» Lee told Asbury Park Press.

This way of life is a tribute to her deceased husband.

And in his book, which became a best-seller, Lee Wachtstetter explains that you have to go through life savoring every moment.

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