At 10, he saves the life of a 4-year-old boy who was drowning in the hotel swimming pool

In Turkey, a 10-year-old boy became a hero after saving the life of a four-year-old boy who was drowning in a hotel swimming pool.

Lewis Smith will remember this day for a long time, and so will his parents. The Smith family was on vacation in Turkey, enjoying hotel recreation when the worst was yet to come.

Frolicking in the hotel pool , Lewis was indulging in the fun of snorkeling when he spotted what he thought was trash. He then reached out to pick it up and realized it was the arm of a younger boy, named Grayson, aged four.

He then dragged Grayson to the surface and called out his mother’s name, who rushed to pull the little boy out of the pool. Fortunately, Lewis’s father, Craig, is a firefighter and directly had the reflex to apply first aid gestures to Grayson.

“I gave him cardiac and mouth-to-mouth massage but unfortunately he seemed to have been underwater for a long time. Everyone was in shock and panic. I had to have someone hold his airway in place. I asked someone at the hotel to get me a defibrillator, then I continued CPR and managed to catch his breath ,” Craig testified.

Then an ambulance arrived to pick up little Grayson, along with his parents. The grandmother quickly joined them by plane to take care of the siblings at the hotel. She then met with Lewis and his parents, thanking them for their heroic deeds.

“It’s fantastic to learn that together we managed to save his life. We are so proud of Lewis, of what he has accomplished. He remained calm and carried the little boy to the edge of the pool, to safety. At first he was a little shocked and asked a lot of questions, but when the little one started to breathe again, he let out a big sigh of relief” , says Craig.

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