A stray dog visits a pharmacy and requests assistance for an injured paw

It is often unexpected how we can become rescuers for those in need, and this was the case for Banu Cengiz, a pharmacist in Turkey. One day, she was taken by surprise when she noticed a stray dog standing expectantly in front of her pharmacy.

The dog had a feeble expression and seemed to be trying to communicate something to Banu. Concerned, she approached the dog and discovered that its paw was bleeding. The dog, as if seeking help, wagged its tail and placed its injured paw on Banu’s hand.

Banu immediately welcomed the dog inside the pharmacy and tended to its wound by cleaning it with antiseptic. She provided the dog with food, water, and antibiotics, and the grateful pup responded by behaving like a perfect patient, patiently receiving the treatment.

After receiving the necessary care, the tired dog rested on a comfortable bed until closing time. Despite Banu’s efforts to find the dog a permanent home and providing food for other stray animals, she was unable to find a home for this particular dog.

Although Banu has helped numerous stray animals, she continues to wish she could do more. She emphasizes the importance of teaching children to love and respect animals and the environment. When everyone considers animals as part of their families, and the world acknowledges their place in it, the world becomes a more beautiful place.

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