Ryan Reynolds Reveals Iconic Hugh Jackman Costume as Wolverine for Deadpool 3

The third installment of the franchise carried by Ryan Reynolds is eagerly awaited. To make fans wait, and make their mouths water, the actor exclusively unveiled the iconic costume of his sidekick Hugh Jackman on screen.

Ryan Reynolds is currently filming the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 . But he is not alone in the cast of the superhero film. Alongside him is his friend and fellow comedian Hugh Jackman who is returning to service and will play Wolverine again after his retirement in 2017 in the film Logan .

It did not take less to arouse the attention and the excitement of the fans. The two had previously been reunited in 2009’s X-Men: Wolverine Origins . Ryan Reynolds then played a more watered down version of Deadpool.

Water has flowed under the bridge and today Deadpool is one of the most popular superheroes in films that respect the character’s rudeness.

In Deadpool 3 , the Canadian actor faces Hugh Jackman as a new Wolverine. The two actors unveiled the mutant’s costume on Instagram. And to everyone’s surprise, it’s yellow, resuming the original costume from the comics.

The hero’s famous yellow costume had already been teased in an alternate ending in Wolverine: The Immortal’s Battle without Hugh Jackman ever wearing it. This affront is now repaired and the presence of the duo should bring its share of comedy.

Recently, Jennifer Garner was announced to reprise her role as Elektra. Rumors suggest that other actors could also invite themselves into the game, such as Ben Affleck in Daredevil or Halle Berry in Tornado.

Deadpool 3 will be released in May 2024.

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