Tired of being a human, a Japanese man spends more than 21,000 euros to… become a wolf

In Japan, a man didn’t make any cuts when he decided to run away from his very heavy daily life because of work. He turned completely… into a wolf!

Toru Ueda, an engineer residing in Tokyo, felt this immense need to free himself from all social pressure. To do so, decided to realize his desire for freedom by… becoming a wolf !

He spent 3 million yen, which is equivalent to more than 21,000 euros, on a very realistic wolf costume, which was designed in seven weeks by the company Zeppet. This company specializes in making costumes for television and cinema.

Toru had specific requests for his costume as he wanted one that was very realistic, but that would allow him to be able to walk upright (like a proper wolf, of course).

He had three meetings with the company, with which he shared images of wolves and around 40 emails regarding costume details.

And Toru does not regret this investment: “When I wear my costume, I no longer feel human at all. When I look in the mirror, I see a wolf and it’s very moving,” he told The Times media.

“I freed myself from human relationships. Of all the problems related to work and other things, I can forget everything,” he explains.

And he makes a point of specifying that his double identity does not make him… a werewolf: “I am not a werewolf, because it is a monster and I am not a monster” .

However, if you walk the streets of Tokyo, don’t expect to come across Toru the wolf. Because he does not intend to show himself in public in this pageantry, even for fancy dress parties.

This costume is reserved for his private life, when he is at home, even when he invites friends over for a drink. And besides, what do his friends think? They would just be happy for him if being a wolf once in a while helps him thrive.

In any case, despite his weariness of human relations, Toru does not abandon them completely. And he is not the only one to have called on Zeppet to change his life. Indeed, a few weeks ago, we discovered the story of a Japanese man who had spent more than 14,000 euros to become a dog.

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