Here is Ava, a Scottish woman who lived 3800 years ago, whose face has been reconstructed by scientists

Scientists have managed to recreate the face of a Scottish woman, whose bones date back four millennia. This is what the one named Ava looked like.

Nowadays, technology allows the craziest feats. Sometimes for a superficial purpose, but also in scientific settings. This is the case with advanced imaging and modeling techniques to reconstruct the face of skeletons dating back several centuries, even millennia.

In 1987, workers had discovered, by chance, the stone burial of a woman, dating from the Bronze Age, during the construction of a road located near the village of Achavanich, in Scotland.

The burial covered the bones of a woman, nicknamed Ava, as well as several grave goods, fragments of flint and a shard of cow bone. The anthropological analysis carried out on the human remains, in particular on the measurements of the tibia, made it possible to determine the profile of Ava.

Darker skin than today’s Scots
It was, according to the scientists, a woman aged between 18 and 25 who measured 1.71 meters. So they decided to put a face to this skeleton using existing CT scans of its 3,800-year-old skull.

Thus, they were able to recreate the curve of his face before refining their facial reconstruction thanks to a process of “anatomical deformation” .

At first glance, research published in 2016 concluded that the young woman had fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes.

Only then, two years later, they suggest that Ava had slightly dark skin, dark hair and brown eyes. A very distant appearance of the Scots and Scots of today.

This is not the first time that science has succeeded in this type of reconstruction. A few years ago, we had the privilege of seeing what the faces of a Viking warrior, a Swede dating from the Bronze Age, and even some Egyptian mummies looked like.

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