American nurse finds out her stepdaughter is the baby she gave birth to 22 years ago

In the United States, a nurse discovered that her stepdaughter was the baby she gave birth to 22 years ago.

Mary Ann West, a nurse from Utah in the United States, was stunned when she discovered earlier this year that her son’s fiancée was the baby she gave birth to 22 years ago.

This story began in 2001 when the caregiver met Stacy and Matthew Poll, a couple who were about to welcome their third child.

“The delivery was a bit complicated. Stacy had a complication with her placenta (…),” Mary Ann told Good Morning America. The latter also remembers reassuring Stacy when she was nervous about having three young children at home.

» I had just given birth to my third child a year ago and I was just like, ‘You’re going to have this little girl. Everything’s good». I gave him advice (…) It was a great experience ”.

One thing is certain: the latter was far from suspecting that her third child, a son named Tyler, would meet Stacy’s youngest, a certain Kelsey. The two young people met in a bank in August 2021. And the two lovebirds got engaged last February during a trip to Mexico.

While preparing for the wedding festivities, the couple came across a photo album belonging to Kelsey’s mother. It is in this context that the future spouses made a surprising discovery.

» We were flipping through my birth book to find photos for our wedding video and we saw this photo of Mary Ann ,» Kelsey told the US media.

For his part, Tyler immediately recognized his mother’s face. But that’s not all ! Kelsey said she also found a certificate her mother had received that had Mary Ann’s handwriting on it.

“ So we were very excited, we started telling everyone, messaging everyone we could. It was really cool ,” she told the news site.

Without real surprise, this anecdote made Mary Ann smile: “ It’s incredible. It was so fun to find that link .” Today, the two families are very close and get along wonderfully.

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