Removing an Old Floor, These Homeowners Discovered a Large, Hand-Painted Monopoly

From abandoned attics to creaky old floors, many old homes have features that tell their story. Often, some of them remain hidden until the owners decide to do renovations .

And the Reddit user behind the handle Yamaha234 recently shared a photo that went viral of what his in-laws discovered after ripping out the old carpet in their house. And for good reason, they found a giant Monopoly painted underneath.

The impressively large Monopoly board took up the entire width of the room and was based on the classic American version of the game. in English), “prison” (“jail” in English) and of course the famous train stations.

This space dedicated to the famous board game and painted on the floor seems to have been painted by hand by the former residents, many years ago.

According to a social network member Reddit, drawing games on floors was a popular decorating concept in the 1950s.

Others then reacted by confirming this remark: «I showed this to my wife, and she reminded me that there is a whole neighborhood near our house, built in the mid-1950s, which has game boards painted on the floors of his homes. Apparently it was a selling point at the time,” one wrote.

Many Internet users hope that this original new discovery, which is particularly rare these days, will encourage the owners of the house to rethink their renovation projects in such a way as to preserve this original work.

Yamaha234 himself said he was trying to convince them to keep the area where the Monopoly is by covering it with transparent resin and installing the new covering planned at the base all around it.

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