After losing her eggs, an owl adopts two orphaned baby birds

In England, an owl whose eggs failed to hatch adopted two baby birds.

Take out the tissues because the story of Luna is likely to move you. This tawny owl from the UK was eagerly waiting for her eggs to hatch, but that day never arrived.

«Not only did her eggs not hatch this year, but she also lost her brood last year ,» said Robert E. Fuller, a British wildlife rehabilitation specialist.

About two months ago, the raptor’s wish finally came true to his delight. During this time, Robert E. Fuller learned that two young owls had been orphaned and needed a new mother.

It is for this reason that the latter decided to place the babies in Luna’s nest. And the least we can say is that the Briton did well to follow his instincts. When the owl saw the owls, she hastened to brood over them with great tenderness.

Luckily, this touching moment was captured on video. In the images, the surrogate mother seems delighted to take care of her little ones. According to the specialist, the little family is doing wonderfully.

“After a long wait, Luna has finally become a mother. She is so tender with her babies ,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

One thing is certain: maternal love knows no bounds.

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