Suffering from cancer, he bursts into tears when he sees his hairdresser friend shave his head in solidarity

In solidarity with his friend who is suffering from cancer, this Spanish barber shaved his head to support him. The touching moment was captured on video. Then published on TikTok, it has since met with enormous success.

Neftali Martin is a barber in Elche, Spain . The young man is suffering from cancer and is currently undergoing treatment . As the first effects of chemotherapy, such as Neftali’s hair loss, are felt, her colleague Joel lends her a hand.

Joel, barber and friend of Neftali at Lords and Barbers, is shaving Neftali’s head. The latter is filming the scene to capture this moment when he says goodbye to his hair. As Joel finishes shaving his friend’s head, he takes the opportunity to shave off his platinum blonde hair. In doing so, Joel says to Neftali: “ You are not alone .»

Seeing his friend do, Neftali cannot hold back her tears, visibly touched by Joel’s gesture. After shaving his head, Joel approaches his friend to console and comfort him. The barber then rids the cut hair of Neftali.

In order to show his friend’s compassion and kindness, Neftali decided to post the video on his TikTok account . The moving scene speaks for itself and Internet users are in awe. Neftali’s video quickly went viral: 9 million views, 2 million likes and 26,000 comments.

Neftali provides more details on this episode. “ You are not alone — these are the words of my great friend and colleague right after he shaved his head, telling me that until my hair grows back he was going to keep shaving with me. For those who don’t know him, [Joel] isn’t just a colleague, he’s like a brother to me. I love you brother ,” Neftali says proudly.

Neftali’s video touched Internet users who were quick to express their sympathy for this respectable gesture: » You are no longer a hairdresser, you are now a hero ,» said one Internet user. » It’s so special and meaningful ,» adds another. » It’s so beautiful ,» wrote a third. “ Very very big respect man ”, writes a last.

In order to give their full support to Neftali, the Lords and Barbers posted a touching message on their account: “ We want to walk this path with you, together as we have always been. We want to show you what true friendship is, because we are all united. For the times we’ve had and the ones we have yet to live. What this hair salon unites, no one separates . »

Check out the moving video at the top of the article.


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