Antarctica: A penguin chased by killer whales jumped on a tourist boat to save his life

In Antarctica, a penguin managed to escape chasing killer whales by jumping aboard a tourist boat. The animal is safe and sound.

In Antarctica, in the Gerlache Strait, tourists were able to witness an unusual scene. As the tourist boat sailed among glaciers and small icebergs, a penguin came out of the water and moved at full speed.

At first, those present thought the animal was intrigued by the boat and was approaching out of curiosity, until they noticed it was being chased by killer whales.

This unique scene was immortalized in a video taken by Matt Karsten, a travel blogger who was present on the boat.

A penguin jumps into a tourist boat
To escape its dangerous predators, the penguin moved at incredible speed, jumping over the water. Finally, he saw the boat in which the tourists were traveling and decided to get on board to save his skin. He tried once but bounced off the rubber edges of the craft.

“It was crazy to see that in person! It was like watching an episode of National Geographic on the spot. I imagine the penguin was very relieved to run away , ”says Matt Karsten.

After a second attempt, the animal managed to jump on the boat. In safety, he waited for the killer whales to decide to leave to return to the water. The latter waited a long time for their prey to return, in vain.

“The killer whales followed the boat for a while. They finally gave up, leaving the penguin with his new friends. After sailing a skin, the penguin said goodbye to the boat and jumped into the freezing water ,” continues Matt Karsten.

Finally, the penguin was able to reach the sea safe and sound.

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