Mysterious Radio Signals Reach Earth From A Galaxy 3 Billion Light-Years Away

What if aliens were trying to send us a message? That may well be the case. We tell you more.

Are extraterrestrials trying to communicate with us? Stop everything! According to the Study Finds media , and a report published in the journal Science, mysterious radio signals, called FRBs, were recorded. They would have reached Earth and been sent from a galaxy far, far away. And this is where it goes wrong.

According to the scientists, these flashes could be “messages from extraterrestrial civilizations with a technology much more advanced than ours” . Another theory is that these signals come from very dense matter, such as black holes or neutron stars, colliding and then exploding. Finally, last theory: these signals could be due to the collapse of distant stars.

For now, all theories are possible and scientists intend to continue their research. In 2020, another radio signal surprised scientists. This one came from a galaxy more than 500 million light-years away. Nothing had been confirmed regarding the possible causes.

One thing is certain, things are happening up there that are potentially far beyond our knowledge. So, what do you think?

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