This 99-year-old woman attended the graduation of her son, who graduated at 72

At 68, Sam Kaplan decided to enroll in college to pursue a degree in film and media arts. At the end of his course, he was the pride of his mother, 99, who did not hesitate to accompany him to his graduation ceremony.

There is no age to learn new things and it is not Sam Kaplan who will tell you otherwise. After graduating from high school in 1969, Sam did not go to college. He became the father of five children and ran a cleaning service as well as a telemarketing company. Besides that, he also worked as a part-time taxi driver.

At 68, Sam decided to go back to school as he enrolled in college to study film and media arts. He worked alongside young students who appreciated him very much.

“I think I had a good relationship with them. I got hugs from a lot of them on the last day of class ,” Sam shared.

He graduated at 72
A few years later, Sam finally managed to graduate in film and media arts at the age of 72. He made it to the graduation ceremony on May 11 and was cheered by the crowd. But of all the people who were present for the event, only one mattered to Sam: his 99-year-old mother, who had come for the occasion.

“This is my first undergraduate degree. I am the first of my seven siblings to graduate ,” Sam said.

A beautiful story that proves that there is no age limit for going back to school and making your family proud.

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