These photos of killer whales facing the sunset are just exceptional

Photographer Mary Parkhill left behind a successful career in advertising to turn what was once her hobby into a full-time job. She is now known for her art photography focused on natural landscapes.

To exercise her passion to the fullest, Mary Parkhill spends her summers in Alaska documenting landscapes, each crazier than the next. Recently, she shared some amazing snaps of a pod of killer whales having fun on the surface of the ocean at sunset. With her impressive ability to capture the moment, it’s easy to see why she switched her marketing acumen to a more creative approach.

Mary Parkhill has achieved something exceptional by achieving this series of photographs showing killer whales during the sunset, resulting in real artistic compositions that could be reminiscent of paintings. Using the anatomy of killer whales, she guides the viewer’s eye around the photograph. Sometimes the killer whale’s nose or tail is perfectly aligned with the sun placed close to the horizon; in other cases, the latter simply serves as a golden background to highlight these majestic creatures.

«What inspires me the most when photographing killer whales is their size, seeing them in their natural habitat and their ability to take my breath away,» says Mary Parkhill to My Modern Met. She takes advantage of her summers to explore the inspiring landscapes of Alaska and take absolutely unique shots. Usually based in Pennsylvania, she is particularly fond of whales, and there are some stunning photos of orcas and humpback whales swimming in Alaskan waters.

Here is the series of photos shot by Mary Parkhill:

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