This young woman marries a zombie doll and founds her «dream family»

In the United States, a young woman has decided to build a family like no other: she lives with her wife, her fiancé and her 6 children, all… zombie dolls.

Felicity Rossi is a 23-year-old woman in the United States who is passionate about and attracted to objects, specifically zombie dolls .

In 2018, while browsing the internet, Felicity saw a zombie doll that she decided to buy and fell in love with. The young woman then decided to marry this doll, named Kelly, whom she considers to be her soul mate. According to Felicity, this doll would be 39 years old.

Today, Felicity has expanded her family as she lives with six other horrific dolls, whom she considers her children . All the dolls have a different first name and age: we find Rachel, Holly, Billy, Luna, Molly and Gremly. Felicity thinks her children are «spiritually alive» and is convinced that she lives with a real family.

“My family is involved in my daily life. I sing them songs, I cook with them, I eat with them and I take them out for air one by one ,” Felicity explained.

Although her way of life may seem strange, Felicity is very happy and says she is surrounded by a “ dream family ”. Unfortunately, the young woman receives a lot of insults and inappropriate comments on social networks.

“A lot of people think I’m weird, crazy, and maybe even evil because I like horror dolls. They don’t understand how I can communicate with her, but I can through dreams and I can feel them communicating with me ,” Felicity explained.

Besides being surrounded by her doll wife and children, Felicity has a polyamorous relationship with Robert, another zombie doll. According to the young woman, she is 24 years old.

«I married Kelly in my backyard in September 2018. She’s my zombie doll wife, and Robert is now my fiancé ,» Felicity shared. I first met Robert when I saw him online, as did my wife Kelly. I realized it was love because I had a crush on him when I met his spirit. I was drawn to him. I started my family and I consider myself a mother of dolls.»

In the evening, Felicity shares her bed with Robert and Kelly, her two adult dolls. The children sleep upright, in a corner of the room. If the young woman decided to post her story on social networks, it is above all to try to make Internet users understand what she is going through.

“People can be horrible to me, but I would really like them to take the time to understand the love I feel for my family ,” concluded the American.

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