Devoted husband takes care day and night of his wife who is in a vegetative state

Portrait of a couple like no other, formed by a devoted husband to his seriously ill wife.

During a marriage, it is customary for the spouses to mutually promise to remain faithful “in happiness and hardships” as well as “in health and illness”.

A promise heavy with meaning that must be honored when the couple finds themselves confronted with a tragedy, which turns their daily lives upside down overnight.

It is through hardships, however hard they may be, that the solidity of a union is measured, but sometimes love is no longer enough.

Back to the wall and faced with situations that they consider insoluble, some will sometimes tend to give up, not considering themselves capable of overcoming the pain.

Others, on the other hand, will hang on, driven by the powerful conviction that the sacred fire of love triumphs over everything. This is particularly the case of a certain David César, who had to face a painful ordeal when his wife found herself paralyzed.

Aged 28, this Brazilian is a devoted husband who devotes most of his life to his wife Bruna de Sousa, who is now in a vegetative state following a cardio-respiratory arrest.

This drama happened in 2018 and nothing could have predicted it.

The couple were quietly watching TV when Bruna suddenly had a seizure. The rest, David tells it in an interview reported by the site Brightside .

“ Within three minutes, she lost all her vital signs. We rushed to the hospital and after 25 minutes they managed to resuscitate her, but she had been deprived of oxygen for too long ,” he recalls.

This oxygen deprivation caused irreversible damage to Bruna, who was then hospitalized for almost two years until June 2019.

Since then, David devotes all his time to taking care of her at home, so much so that he had to stop working.

Not having a job complicates David’s task because he lacks resources, especially to buy medicine and food.

So it is not uncommon for him to appeal to the solidarity of Internet users to whom he often shares tender photos with Bruna, regularly giving news of his state of health.

Recently, David learned of the existence of a promising treatment in Canada, but it would cost around 19,000 dollars (around 17,780 euros). A sum far too large for the couple who therefore again appealed for donations, hoping to collect enough.

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