A retired carpenter creates a unique wooden 2CV that will be auctioned

It is a true work of art made by a craftsman. On June 4, a wooden 2CV will be auctioned and could become the most expensive 2CV in the world.

“ It is the only wooden car in the world in perfect working order. This is an exceptional sale. It’s both a unique car and a work of art ,” exclaims Aymeric Rouillac, one of the auctioneers at the sale.

This unique 2CV in the world was indeed entirely made of wood. To estimate the price of this car like no other, the auctioneers relied on the record sale of a 2CV judged at 172,800 euros, at the Salon Rétromobile in 2016.

The wooden 2CV was thus estimated at 176,000 euros by Aymeric Rouillac and his colleagues and should » break the record » on Sunday June 4 in Montbazon (Indre-et-Loire) during its auction.

This wooden Citroën 2CV is the result of thousands of hours of work by retired joiner and carpenter Michel Robillard. “ I spent five years of my life there, 5,000 hours of work, passion, day and sometimes night. And the 2CV left my workshop while driving in September 2017 ”, explains the enthusiast.

Different types of wood were used to make the car: pear and apple for the bodywork, cherry for the doors and trunks and walnut for the fenders. This long-term work made it possible to create a perfect 1955 AZKA-type 2CV.

The icing on the cake, Michel Robillard’s 2CV has a 1957 gray card and » can therefore go on the road «, assured Aymeric Rouillac.

Michel Robillard does not intend to stop there, since he already has his next project in mind, the DS21 Cabriolet coupé Chapron.

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