He decides to let his hair grow for 2 years to offer a wig to his sick mother

His seriously ill mother, a young man decided to let her hair grow so that she felt beautiful despite the illness. The touching story was told by a relative on Facebook.

To prove his love for his mother, this young man let his hair grow for two years. In 2003, her mother, Melanie Shaha, learned that she had a major brain tumour. Then began a treatment consisting of effective radiotherapy which led to her hair loss.

If Melanie’s fight continues today after a relapse in 2006 and 2017, she can count on the unfailing support of those close to her, in particular her son, Matt, who is entirely devoted to her well-being.

» It bothers me to look sick ,» raises the mother in an interview. To remedy this, his son decided to let his hair grow for two years in order to offer him a wig .

The young man let his mane grow before cutting it off and sending his hair to a company that makes wigs. An attention that his mother did not think she deserved. But the young man went all out and didn’t hesitate to shell out $2,000 for the wig.

This touching story was first told by Matt’s friend, Mercedes Berg, on Facebook, before the media across the Atlantic seized it. The photographer reports the words, full of joy, of Melanie:

“ The coloring matches my skin tone remarkably well, as you can imagine. We are a family and share the same hair color. The wig is soft to the touch. She is so beautiful. Matt says it looks good on me ”.

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