The jar had been on his head for two weeks and the poor exhausted dog was choking and was going to starve

A stray dog ​​was running through the streets and needed urgent help. A bowl was stuck to his head, due to which it was impossible to eat, drink and breathe normally.

He had been in this situation for two weeks.

In search of food, poor homeless animals can poke their heads anywhere and get stuck like this.

People called the rescue team. If the dog did not receive special help, he might not survive.

The rescuers tried to catch the dog, but he was scared and ran as fast as he could, hiding here and there.

Eventually, they managed to catch him. And to remove the stuck bowl, the rescuers used a tranquilizer.

As soon as the anesthesia worked and the animal slept, they removed the jar from its head using a special tool.

When the dog woke up, despite being drowsy, he realized that people had saved his life.

Rescuers took the dog to an animal shelter.

Now he is safe and in good hands and can eat real food.

He already has a name and is called Hugo.

Shelter staff posted Hugo’s story on their Facebook page, and a family loved him and came to adopt him.

It was a real happiness for the dog who was lucky to find a warm welcome and loving owners.

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