On the threshold of her house the woman found a box with a newborn boar

Dora Wei lives in the countryside in Sri Lanka. Her house is on a hill and she often encounters wild animals from the nearby forest.

One fine morning, her gardener found a small wild boar. His mother had given birth to him a few hours ago.

The baby was cold and might not survive. The gardener put it in a box and brought it to Dora.

Dora put him in the living room and she warmed him up with hot water and wrapped him in a towel.

Then she consulted a specialist to be able to treat the baby, but, unfortunately, the veterinarian said that wild boars usually survive without being treated.

 We learned that we had to feed him every hour and with my boyfriend we slept in the living room with him feeding him each in turn. We cared for him like a human baby.”

The little pig was very cute and looked like a hedgehog. We named it Hedgehog.

The couple introduced Hedgehog to their four dogs. Luckily, the understanding pups welcomed the baby boar, and the cub had four-legged sisters and brothers. He loved them, especially the Labrador who often carried him on his back.

Hedgehog liked to lie down on the sofa, next to his mother.

One day, Dora realized that one eye of the boar was blind. Knowing that it would be impossible to bring the baby back to nature, the couple built a house for him, in the garden, in front of the swimming pool, where he could take a bath.

From now on, Hérisson lives in his own house, but in the evenings comes home to sleep with his human and canine family.

Hedgehog brings happiness and joy to Dora’s family.

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