In the evening the dog came home with a message attached to his neck

Marilyn Diver’s parents lived on a farm, they loved the country life.

Marilyn lived in a city, but liked to visit her parents as often as possible.

There was also someone who felt happy when Marilyn arrived.

It was Louis, their wonderful dog who lived with his family from birth.

Everyone adored this friendly and intelligent puppy.

Louis was sociable and very lively and liked to have fun with his adoptive parents.

When the sweet puppy was already grown up, he preferred to leave the farm and go for walks on his own.

One day, when Marilyn went to see her parents, she found them very moved and very worried.

Their charming doggie had been missing for a few hours. They looked for him everywhere, but in vain.

In the evening, Louis came back, a small plaque attached to his neck with a message for the owners.

Their neighbor Robe had written that the dog was the hero of the day.

The puppy was infinitely tired and did not want to eat and drink.

The Divers thought the pup might be hurt. But they found no injuries.

The next day, Rob visited them with his dog Maddy and shared the heartwarming story of their dog Louis’ disappearance.

The man said his dog Maddy was missing and Louis helped him find his pet dog who was stuck under the shrubbery.

So brave Louis had found it and recovered it by digging in the earth.

And now Maddiy was alive thanks to the kindness and courage of the superb puppy Louis.

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