In Thailand a herd of more than 50 elephants crossed the street: it was a fantastic sight

An incredible and spectacular scene has occurred in Thailand. A large herd of 50 wild elephants decided to cross the street before the astonished eyes of drivers and passers-by.

This fantastic scene was filmed by a truck driver.

A detachment of police has been sent to the spot to ascertain if the elephants are safe passing the road.

The animals walked solemnly, but it took them only 40 seconds to cross their passage from one wild area to another.

Many people in cars and on foot carefully followed the crossing of these giant animals whose herd was also made up of baby elephants.

Police officer Pratya Chutipat Sakul told MailOnline: ‘For the past few days herds of elephants have been trying to cross the road into the desert.

And today too, more than 50 elephants successfully crossed the highway.”

Everyone, humans and animals, were incredibly calm and like something really solemn was happening.

And the wild elephants hardly noticed the men. Clever animals were crossing the street quietly, without damaging anything.

“For a few days in a row, the crossings of the elephants have been monitored by local authorities and by the police to ensure that the animals and the people are safe,” said Sakul and added that the arrival of the police is a guarantee of the safety of citizens and animals and also to avoid accidents.

Admire the wonderful moments here!

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