Her driver’s license was taken away from her at 98 because she is too old

Madame Evelyn is almost a hundred years old. She is already 98 years old and lives in a retirement home.

It is a very pleasant place with all the comforts, where the elderly can also spend their leisure time.

Despite her age, Evelyn is a very beautiful and very pleasant woman and also sociable and lively.

But she often heard him say she was old to drive, and her friends at the nursing home took away her driver’s license because of her age, although she didn’t drive badly.

For her, it was a shock because she felt she was losing her independence.

And to go somewhere, she had to take a bus, the stop of which was near the retirement home.

But then that bus changed its route and Evelyn got sad.

The woman had family members who could help her, but there were buddies who didn’t have relatives to bring her groceries, say, her friend Joyce.

So Evelyn did everything to get her license back.

The elderly woman again started helping Joyce and all her friends by taking them to the pharmacy or the store.

Thus, thanks to her effort, she was able to regain her independence and be useful to her neighbours.

Watch in this video the heartwarming story of the admirable Evelyn.

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