Cured of a tumor after months of chemotherapy, this little girl rings the bell symbolizing the success of the treatment

Nothing like an image full of optimism illustrating the happiness of parents whose seriously ill little girl is finally cured. This is what we offer you today with the beautiful story of the day that takes us to California.

In some cancer services in Anglo-Saxon countries, it is customary for patients in remission to ring a bell to symbolically mark the end of treatment.

This very special moment for the sick, who finally glimpse the hope of a complete cure, is very often charged with emotion, as much for the person concerned as for their loved ones and the nursing staff.

The emotion was therefore palpable on January 25, 2019 when little Lillian Grace rang the famous bell with her parents, after several weeks of fighting cancer.

From his birth on September 5, 2019, the doctors had however diagnosed him with a tumor in the brainstem and the first results of examinations did not encourage optimism.

Worse still, following a biopsy, the child was operated on urgently because the tumour, which had moved along his spinal cord, had obstructed his airways.

Very quickly, this little piece of cabbage, barely 4 months old, therefore had to undergo several chemotherapy sessions at the Benioff Children’s Hospital, located in Oakland, California.

Throughout the duration of this heavy treatment, Lillian Grace was able to count on the support of her parents Leann and Patrick Borden, who did not leave her bedside reassuring her despite the anguish and fear.

But after 10 weeks of a sometimes tough battle, worry finally gave way to hope and joy when doctors told the couple the good news. Lily was cured!

To celebrate the event, the little girl – well wedged in the arms of her dad – and her mom therefore rang the bell, under the moved gaze of the nurses and other doctors who followed this very special patient.

A touching moment that the interested parties wished to immortalize with a video posted on facebook, which greatly moved Internet users.

And we understand why !

We wish a beautiful and long existence to this little chip who now has her whole life ahead of her.

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