Ingenious high school students created a stroller chair for their teacher’s disabled husband

A group of high school students in the United States invented a stroller chair so that their teacher’s husband could take his newborn baby for a walk.

Jeremy King, a 37-year-old man who lives in Maryland, in 2017 had surgery for a brain growth.
The operation was successful, but it left him with several complications.

Jeremy lost his balance and his movements became unsynchronized.

When in 1920 he learned that he would become a father, he was very happy, but his happiness was not complete, because he could not walk to carry his baby.

Jeremy’s wife, Chelsie is a teacher at Bullis High School in Potomac. She teaches a class called «Making for Social Good.»

So the students decided to create a stroller using a chair in the infirmary and a car seat.

To be able to succeed entirely, the high school students contacted the young spouses as often as possible in order to achieve their goal.

The students imagined that a child car seat could be attached to a wheelchair.

First, they 3D printed the seat parts, then used the wheelchair to test the hardness and safety of their creation.

Finally, they paired the wheelchair with the car seat.

The high school students managed to finish their invention a few days before the baby was born.

Thanks to this ingenuity, Jeremy can now walk his child himself.

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