The young woman bought an old bus for pennies and turned it into a dream house

People love to travel around the world admiring the beauty of different countries. But every person needs a place called a home.

A young woman named Jesse Lipskin has built an incredible house, a paradise on wheels.

It was hard work, but Jesse Lipskin wasn’t used to backing down.

It all started in the parking lot of old cars where she went for the beginning of her plans.

She wanted to choose such a bus that could be suitable for a habitat, so to speak «domesticated». 

Jesse bought an old 1966 bus for pennies and set about transforming it into an incredibly comfortable habitat.

To be able to undertake the reconstruction of her house, Jessie turned to the specialists.
First, she covered the floor, walls and ceiling with special materials. The ground was covered with a floor.
The woman avoided dark paint and chose light, modern colors.
To save space, Jesse ingeniously rebuilt the interior of the accommodation. And when it came to installing the furniture, she was very inventive.
There is every comfort: cold and hot water, kitchen with refrigerator, sink, drawers, bedroom with a comfortable bed and even a shower.
And the cabinets and other furniture have been delicately made.

This video introduces you to Jesse Lipskin’s house on wheels. It really is a fantastic creation!

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