These neighbors dance every night for a month in the street paying tribute to caregivers

Every day at 8 p.m., there are many who applaud to pay tribute to the nursing staff. It has become a habit, a ritual has become a journalist in several countries of the world.

But some have another way of paying homage to them!
In Carquefou, in Loire-Atlantique, these happy neighbors dance in the street in front of their home. They come out of their house around 8 p.m. to offer their dance to the caregivers who plan their lives every day. Even aired on one of the biggest talk shows: The Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show!

Jimmy Fallon, accustomed to interviewing big TV stars and singers, was charmed when he saw for the first time the video showing the neighborhood dancing every night. It all started when Laurent Fournel, a resident of Carquefou, put on music in his garden.

So he started talking with his neighbor. The latter then told him about the party they were organizing during his wedding where they had danced the madison in their street. Thereafter everything was linked and this dance became a daily ritual…………..

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