A family decorated their home with 444 Christmas trees, setting a new world record

Thomas and Susanne Jeromin live in Rinteln, a town in Lower Saxony, Germany.

The couple set the world record for the biggest Christmas display ever with 444 ornate trees.

It wasn’t the couple’s first decorating ordeal. In 2020, they had 420 Christmas trees.

They covered their entire apartment with Christmas ornaments.

It should be noted that the family does not live in a castle, but in an apartment of 100 square meters.

To accomplish this job, the Christmas-loving couple used 10,000 decorations to adorn all 444 trees.

Nearly 47,000 lights were used to illuminate them.

“This year they set the world record for the most decorated trees in one place after using 10,000 decorations and 300

light garlands to adorn 444 trees. They covered their whole apartment in decorations,” one of the CNN reports read.

Record judge Olaf Kuchenbecker of the German Rekord Institute announced: “This year the Jeromin family is truly on top of the world.

They raised 444 trees this season, at their home in Rinteln. And I counted them all, that’s absolutely right. »

«And it was important to us that the trees were fully adorned,» he added.

The pictures show every room in the apartment completely covered in Christmas decorations, including the bathroom and the hallway.

And each room has a different theme and in the hallway a giant fir tree is decorated in red and white.

Aside from the trees full of decorations, the couple have set up a pretty solemn Christmas village.

The couple’s desk and bed are also surrounded by festive decorations.

It was interesting to know under which tree Santa Claus would leave the gifts!

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