Thanks to a clever ruse, the little boy escaped an unknown woman who was chasing him

Sometimes children are very resourceful and in difficult situations they manage to manage on their own.

This ten-year-old boy was able to escape a fearsome woman with skill and cunning.

Sammy Greenvit lives with his parents in Pennsylvania, in Pottstown.

Sammy’s school was not far from their house and he walked there.

When the boy came home from school one afternoon, he walked into a small store nearby to buy a chocolate cupcake that she liked.

Suddenly an unknown woman approached Sammy and started talking to him saying she was a friend of their family.

The woman said her father was waiting for her somewhere and she came to take him to her father and the boy should follow her.

The child understood that it was a lie and he quickly left the convenience store to continue on his way.

But he noticed that the stranger was following him. The boy hastened his steps, but the woman continued to pursue him.

Sammy started thinking how he could get rid of this guy.

Finally, he found a solution: escape through a clever ruse.

Passing a shop, he entered it and walked towards the cashier and said a single sentence in a low voice.

Hannah, a 17-year-old girl, saw the woman chasing the toddler and understood everything.

She took the boy by the hand and, walking towards the door, closed it in front of the unknown woman.

The police were alerted and the woman was picked up and arrested.

Sammy’s parents thanked the young cashier very much and tried to make the boy quickly forget about the unpleasant incident of that day.

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