Acknowledged beauty influencer told her followers she’s too pretty to work

Young Canadian influencer Lucy Welcher is popular on TikTok. One day the girl declared that she was beautiful enough to work.

Everyone knows that nowadays physical appearance can help people find a job.

When you are a good specialist and at the same time have a pleasant appearance, several doors can open in front of you.

But a video shared by Lucy on TikTok, where she announced that beautiful people could not work, shocked her followers whose number reached ten million.

And her outspoken ideas soon became the source of major debates on social media, as Lucy had declared that she was too pretty to work.

«I don’t want to spend my whole life working, getting up early every day for the next few years of my life.

But no, I’m pretty enough to do that,” the girl said in the video.

His statement was criticized by most of his followers. They accused the lazy girl of not wanting to work.

But Lucy then said that everything she said, work-related, was just a joke, that it was joking comments.

Yet most subscribers continued to judge his behavior as prideful, finding his opinion hurtful towards other hard-working people.

However, there were those who agreed with her.

But then Lucy shared a video where she said that soon she was going to work and got a promotion.

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