The parents of these charming children have brown eyes, but they were born with ocean-blue eyes

The exotic beauty of these children is mesmerizing. But look at their parents. They are also gorgeous.

Tanna and Patrick live in Malta. The adorable couple have four children.

Patrick has light brown eyes and dark skin. His wife Tanna, on the contrary, has a fair complexion and dark brown eyes.

But none of the children inherited the color of their parents’ eyes. They were born with an exotic appearance.

Bright blue eyes stand out clearly against dark skin, and wavy blonde hair completes the picture.

Tanna and Patrick believe that the beauty of children reflects the beauty of their love.

At first, parents were worried that the extraordinary color would negatively affect children’s eyes.

But after some examinations, it turned out that the little ones are completely healthy.

Due to this peculiarity, the family has become very popular on social networks where they talk about their lifestyle and post the photos of their wonderful family.

More than 70,000 people have already subscribed to their Instagram page and follow the life of the family.

They write good comments and wish the lovely children a good future.

When the first child was born, there were people who suspected the woman of treason.

But Tanna and Patrick know very well that both have relatives and parents who have blue eyes.

Several fashion agencies invite children of ravishing beauty to various photo shoots.

But parents want their unusual little ones to have a normal and happy childhood.

And they have no intention of making millions from their children.

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