This wood carver impresses with very realistic works

Some artists have an exceptional talent for creating particularly realistic offers. And the one you are about to discover today is no exception to the rule. Indeed, his woodwork is simply amazing. He has a knack for transforming this natural raw material into human-looking statues and they are so well made that you might think they are real people.

Italian artist Peter Demetz brings ordinary wood to life with his incredible hand-carved figures. The sculptures , which vary in size from 50 to almost 130 centimeters, depict immobile men, women and children on a plain, sometimes colored background. Demetz’s attention to detail is impressive. He manages to model the tiny folds of clothing, to reproduce the strands of hair and to define the human anatomy so well that one would think that all the characters present in the photos really exist.

Very realistic sculptures made from wood
Besides the astonishing detail of his art, Demetz’s sculptures are also conceptually intriguing. The characters often turn their backs on us and stare at the ground. This is where we catch them in moments of contemplation, in between, like before they start talking or just before entering a room. As a result, Demetz’s works are poignant and arguably unlike any other. They are not necessarily sad, but their body language evokes a feeling of nostalgia or even a certain melancholy.

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