At 58, Kad Merad writes messages of support to his wife, who was “announced pregnant 8 times”

Kad Merad and Julia Vignali have been in a relationship for 8 years, and their love is still as intense as the first day. Although they are 11 years apart, they lead a simple and discreet life, forming a very beautiful blended family.

By becoming a couple, Kad and Julia each had a child. They give their offspring the same degree of love and affection, without any distinction.

The actor and the host have faced pregnancy rumors, due to the forms of Julia. The latter was announced pregnant 8 times, however, this was not the case.

When we discover the beginning of their love, we can not help thinking that their story was already written. The details.

The beautiful love story between Kad Merad and Julia Vignali began 8 years ago. Their fairy tale began in 2014. That day, Julia Vignali replaced Anne-Sophie Lapix as presenter of the show ¨C à vous¨ on France 5.

Providence wanted Kad Merad to be on the set of the show to talk about the film ¨Supercondriaque¨. The actor had imitated a senile grandfather, causing a sequence of giggles.

It is from this meeting which seemed drawn, that the magic began to operate, bringing them closer to each other. Love at first sight was immediate, but it turns out that their idyll could have started much earlier. Indeed, their love could have started 14 years ago.

At that time, Julia Vignali passed a casting to become an announcer, but her attempt ended in failure. She remembered what happened:

“I completely missed it, and at all levels. In 2000, I passed a casting to become a speaker on Comédie! Time when Kad and O officiated in ‘La Grosse Emission’. I was not retained. Total failure”.

They couldn’t find each other that time, but it was only a postponement. Julia concluded by telling 7 Days TV:

¨Morality: when two people have to meet, they always end up getting there!¨.

Several years later, Kad and Julia are still together, and they love each other like the first day. They savor this happiness, living their daily lives in a discreet way, although their schedules do not always coincide.

The two lovers each have a profession that imposes sometimes unconventional hours for a married life.

Kad is often absent when he goes on set, while Julia is very early in the morning to ensure the presentation of her TV shows. According to the host, this distance is precisely one of the secrets of the longevity of their couple:

¨We are a happy couple, we lead a simple life. He has his shoots, I have mine. But I love it, it’s great! You mustn’t see each other too much, that’s the secret. We find our balance in independence and mutual admiration¨, she confided.

During an interview with Télé 7 Jours, Julia Vignali answered several questions. One of them concerned the contribution of his companion in the preparation of his programs, in particular ¨Le Meilleur Pâtissier¨. She responded by saying:

he did not do anything ! We also avoid giving each other advice. He’s good at what he does, and it’s probably best if he doesn’t give me his opinion on baking. Nevertheless, we look at each other and we eat cakes together. Morality? We are fat, but we think we are beautiful!¨.

Still from the angle of pastry, Julia confided to Gala:

¨I’m lucky to have a greedy, but kind and very understanding man. I could bake him a completely failed cake, he would applaud the intention¨.

They share this happiness with their children, because it should be noted that they form a magnificent and happy blended family.

Before their meeting, Kad Merad already had a son, Khalil, born in 2004 from his previous marriage to lyricist Emmanuelle Cosso-Merad. For her part, Julia also had a son, Luigi, born in 2008 from a previous relationship with a screenwriter whose first name is Julien.


Kad Merad is a great actor, a charming companion, but also a super protective father. Confiding in the Parisian about his paternity, he did not mince his words by saying this:

¨It’s terrifying, but we’re ready to do anything to save the lives of our kids. We don’t touch my son!¨.

He is not only protective of Khalil, but also of Luigi, his partner’s child. The lovebirds make no difference between their two children, and they put them on an equal footing. It is an additional way for them to express their love and their symbiosis.

Are they planning to expand their family? In any case, this is what many Internet users thought. The latter could not help but notice that Julia had pretty shapes during the filming of the show ¨Meilleur Pâtissier¨ in 2019.

Some have also congratulated her on her pregnancy. Faced with this rumor, she had to react, and she did.

Julia had said to Gala:

“No, my family is not going to grow. Between us, we are almost 100 years old. We are an old couple, but we are lucky to be a young couple in our heads. So we’re going to take advantage of this new youth that love brings us, but it’s not going to lead to a new birth. No announcement on the horizon”.

It is with great humor that she added this:

“ No one will be able to see me in the middle of the cakes, no one will be able to tell me that I am still pregnant. My pregnancy has been announced 8 times in 4 years! (…) From the fifth bonus, I started to receive congratulations for… my ‘pregnancy’! It makes me laugh so much.

She reiterated:

¨I eat cakes. Leave me alone because I don’t intend to stop!¨.

It was the same story with his companion:

“It’s a hell of a thing to be a father! I have two children by force of circumstance! And I find that great! You put a baby in my arms and I go crazy! So the idea of ​​a new fatherhood will titillate me until the end of my days”,

he confided in June 2018 to Télé Star.

They are happy and life couldn’t be more beautiful!

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