The wonderful rescue of a homeless dog who was stuck in a fence for a long time

Stray animals have to endure all the hardships of homeless life. These poor creatures have to look for food and a place to shelter themselves. And for this, they undergo different difficulties of life.

A dog has gone in search of food and a new place to sleep. He wanted to cross a fence, but got stuck.

The animal had eaten nothing, was exhausted and covered in mud. This poor being wasted all his strength trying to free himself. But in vain.

Fortunately, a mother came with her children for a walk and to have their lunch on the grass in the open air.

They noticed the dog crying. It was a moving and painful sight.

The woman called for help and two men were able to free the animal stuck in the fence.

People tried to clean the dog and feed him. But he refused to eat. It meant there was a problem or he was scared.

We took him to the village vet. Upon examining her, he concluded that her abdomen was bruised and it needed time to heal.

It was very moving for everyone around her.

He was very nice and understood that we wanted to help him. The veterinarian did everything possible to save the animal.

He had a strong will and a great desire to live.

Currently the dog is in the animal shelter. He is happy to be safe and the shelter staff are waiting for someone to adopt him.

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