The horse pays tribute to its dear owner: a touching story that made everyone cry

The horse being a domestic animal is also a pet. He is the hero of different famous tales and short stories.

It is a very intelligent creature and very loyal to their owners.

The loss of an owner or a pet is reciprocally unbearable.

When the horse called Sereno lost his adorable owner, he was morally exhausted.

The late Wagner Lima was madly in love with his pet.

They worked in competitions for eleven years.

Its owner was only thirty-four years old when he suffered a terrible car accident.

He was immediately taken to hospital and operated on, but to no avail. The young man died after the surgery.

The horse was taken to his master’s funeral and he brought everyone to tears.

He looked at his deceased owner, and his eyes full of sadness were filled with tears.

He walked beside the coffin and occasionally smelled his friend’s coffin.

Her world was shattered from this deep grief. This pitiful and heartbreaking scene could not leave people indifferent and everyone was deeply touched.

Wagner’s brother promised to take care of the horse, give him all the warmth of his heart and buy him everything he liked to eat.

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