After 5 years apart the Golden Retriever can’t stop crying when he is reunited with his beloved owner

Hello dog lovers!

Do you believe that loyal dogs always engrave the image of their owners in their hearts even if their owners for some reason couldn’t keep them?

And how many years have passed, they are still happy and joyful when they find their owners.

They would rejoice, kiss or cry like a baby.

They miss their humans so much.

This is a touching story that happened in China.

A golden dog burst into tears when he met his owner for the first time after 5 years apart.

When this golden dog was only a few months old, he was adopted by a young man who was accepted to work in a foreign company with an ideal salary.

He lived happily with his owner in an apartment.

He was very intelligent and learned very quickly. He loved to greet his master every evening on his way home from work.

Just like a loyal friend, he always sat quietly and patiently listened to his owner whenever he confided.

He was in tune with his owner and they both built a strong bond that is inseparable.

Sadly, the dog’s happy life with his beloved human came to an end after three years.

The man was having a lot of difficulty at work because his boss was frigid.

His family needed a substantial sum of money, so he had to spend all the money he had to support the family.

Because of this, he came into conflict with his girlfriend and they broke up. The man became depressed and lost all will to work.

Later, he lost his job and could not support himself. In the end, he had to make a difficult decision: to give the dog to his friend and move to another city.

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