Charlotte Gaccio, a victim of school bullying, found her future husband at 14

True love doesn’t look at looks or prejudices. True love is carried by genuine feelings. Charlotte Gaccio forms a couple with the man of her life for 20 years. On September 1, 2022, they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

There is nothing more beautiful than to love and to feel loved by the right person, and Charlotte Gaccio will not contradict us. Michèle Bernier’s daughter had a complicated school childhood, marked by grossophobic criticism and mockery. Fortunately, she never let herself down, and she always responded to her detractors.

On the sentimental level, she is happy with the man of her life whom she met when she was 14 years old. On September 1, they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

We invite you to come back to the unique relationship of Charlotte and the man of her life, who is also the father of her twins.

Charlotte Gaccio has played several roles on television including that of a mother of 4 children in the TF1 series ¨Tomorrow belongs to us¨. She plays a mother of 4 children whose twins (Jack and Lizzie) are victims of grossophobia and homophobia at school.

These subjects directly appeal to the actress, because she was a victim of them in her childhood. Indeed, in her adolescence, Charlotte was harassed at school because of her physique and her curves.

However, what she experienced did not have the same proportions as those suffered by the victims of these evils because of social networks.

“I was lucky not to grow up in the age of social media. Me, the mockery stopped at the door of the school, it’s easier to live with,» she said.

Far from letting her haters get her down, Charlotte has always had some backing. Besides, she admits to having “always had a big mouth”, and this is precisely what helped her, because she had “always defended herself” whenever someone made fun of her or wanted her. hurt physically or verbally.

Not only does Charlotte deplore the fact that this wickedness continues to plague schools, but there is something even more serious:

“Bullying no longer stops at the school door (…) it’s a real problem that goes right to your home and can actually push teenagers to follow, it’s horrible”,  she said.

Meeting the man of her life – the secret of their longevity in love
The time when Charlotte had to constantly worry about the derogatory remarks of certain people, in relation to her body and her physique, is now a thing of the past.

The actress is a fulfilled, happy and fulfilled woman. Everything is going well in his work, and his love life is like a fairy tale.

The daughter of Michèle Bernier is in a relationship with the one she considers (rightly) as the man of her life. They have been a couple since she was 14, and their love is still as radiant and intense as ever.

Such a couple obviously arouses curiosity. She was asked about the secret of their couple’s longevity. In the columns of the magazine Télé 7 Jours, the actress made this confidence.

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